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December 3, 2018

So, we’ve updated our web shop, and have had it up and running for a week or so  – to check it’s all working properly – and everything’s good! So, if you need any JJ shirts, or CD’s – go and check it out.



We’ve also added a few extra new designs of shirts, there’s an “Info Freako” tee, featuring the iconic sleeve design. This was the first tee we ever had, back in 1989, and it’s back, ready for it’s thirtieth year. We also have new Jones logo shirts, in black or white.


The shop is also stocked up with the last remaining copies we have of the deluxe reissues of the first four albums. These packages have the original album – remastered – plus all of the relevant b-sides and remixes. Plus, each package has an in-depth selection of demos, rarities, and previously unheard material. There’s a DVD too, which has unseen live footage, alongside promo videos and more. These reissues are the definitive way to get the first four albums – and once these copies are gone, we can’t get any more.

Slightly more up to date – we’ve also stocked up with CD copies of the new album “Passages”. It’s our  first new material for 15 years, and we’re incredibly proud of it.  For those of you who want vinyl – the first press of “Passages” was a limited run, mainly via the pledge page, and also there were a few copies for those of you who saw some of our recent gigs. Well, we’re still getting requests for vinyl – and are happy to let you know there will be a second press of the album, on vinyl. It won’t be as limited as the Pledge run, or in the same colour (neon yellow). But, we’re looking at various colour options, so it will be something exciting.  More on that soon…

Plus, we’ll be getting CD copies of “Voyages”, the companion piece to “Passages” soon, as well.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, we’re also reacting to requests you’ve sent us, and will be looking to make some JJ hoodies too. We’ll have these in the shop soon – and when we get mock ups of the designs, we’ll share those here.

The new Jones shop is HERE

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New Jesus Jones shop

So, we’ve updated our web shop, and have had it up and running for a week or so  – to check it’s all working properly – and everything’s good!

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